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About Our BOS Platform

Business Operating System

What is BOS?

BOS is a marketing platform that provides a solution to manage your relationships with customers, automate your marketing campaigns and sales processes, and increase the number of potential new customers and bookings.

Makes BOS the Best?

BOS allows you to control your contacts, online marketing services, websites, landing pages, and communications with new potential customers under one umbrella, which makes it easier to run your business.


Being such an advanced marketing software, BOS has endless features that are key to running a business efficiently. It eliminates the need for other tools, and allows us to control everything in one place.

Pipelines and Sales Opportunities

We can run, organize, and visualize your entire sales process with pipelines, designed to move your leads or “opportunities” through the sales stages before those potential new customers become clients.

Contact Management

We can register all new leads, and upload existing contacts from previous databases to allow easy access to all your contacts in one place. We can book them, communicate with them, and make notes about important information.

Marketing (Email & SMS)

With our Email & SMS builders, we can design, create, and automate all your campaigns. BOS has advanced tools for Email & SMS marketing that allow us to save templates, transfer content, and even test our work, before sending or scheduling.

Workflows & Automations

We can build, schedule, and organize your marketing campaigns with automated workflows. We use the Email & SMS content, and automate the process to make it even easier. Workflows help visualize how potential new customers move through the pipeline as the sales process advances.

Website & Funnel Building

BOS offers a lot of tools, flexibility, and space to design, develop, and build your own websites. We can also build as many funnels, and landing pages as we need for specific campaigns. The funnel system lets us filter leads to get to the potential new customers that will become clients.


How BOS Can Boost Your Business

Running a business on our own is difficult, but even when we have a team, it’s hard to be on top of every detail. That’s what makes automation so important, because it increases efficiency as it boosts the lead generation process. In today’s world, having an automated process is key to scale and grow your business and increase revenue.

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